Summer Garden named after M. Gorky ("General's Garden")

Gorky Summer Garden

The Summer Garden (the first name “General's Garden”) is the oldest park of the city of Izhevsk. This is the most comfortable and the most visited park in the city center that is securely connected with all means of transport to any area of Izhevsk.

First planting of cultivated trees forming a square appeared here in the course of development of Beregovaya street (now Militsionnaya street) and Bazarnaya street (now M. Gorkogo street) in the XIX century. After commissioning of the General's house and executing additional works in the years 1857-1858 on improvement of the surrounding area, including planting new trees, making walkways, laying flower beds, constructing of gazebos, the square was called a garden.

The General's Garden was opened to the public only in June 1917; in the same year the first folk festivals took place. In the evenings there was a playing brass band there, small amateur concerts were conducted.

In the summer of 1920 a spacious Summer Theatre, the first theater facility in Izhevsk, was built in the garden. On weekdays one could watch movies there.

From 1 to 8 June 1923 the first agricultural exhibition of the Udmurt Autonomous Republic was carried out in the garden. Some of the exhibits from this event were sent to the First All-Russian Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow.

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the great Russian writer Maxim Gorky, "Gorky’s days" started at the Summer Garden and its Theater on May 30, 1928. The thousandth performance of M. Gorky's play "The Lower Depth" took place there. On June 23, 1928 the theater received a parcel from Moscow with a portrait of the writer and the inscription: "Best regards and wishes for courage to comrades from Izhevsk. Moscow. Maxim Gorky, 16.06.1928". In the same year the Summer Theater was named after Maxim Gorky by the decision of the Izhevsk City Council. Following the death of the writer in 1936, the Summer Garden also began to bear his name.

In the years 1935-1958, with the growth of the city of Izhevsk and the increase in its population the garden area expanded as well. It included then the slope of the pond and the wasteland of the former Izhevsk market. To increase the area, a part of merchants' houses and a wooden Summer Theater named after M. Gorky was demolished. New areas allowed establishing of a number of new, more modern attractions. At the same time from the street side, all over the garden, a permanent metal fence was installed, and a comfortable and attractive entrance to the garden was built.

In the 30s of the last century the sculpture of M. Gorky was also established in the park which can now be seen on the central walkway of the Summer Garden.


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