Sculpture “To those who paved the way to space” (to the cosmonaut dog Zvyozdochka)

Zvyozdochka sculpture

On March 25, 1961 the dog named Zvyozdochka was sent to space on board of the fifth Soviet manned satellite. The machine landed in the same day in Votkinsk area, on the border of Udmurtia with Perm region, and was later found by the Izhevsk pilot Lev Okkelman. The dog was taken to Izhevsk Airport, where it lived for some time, until it was taken to Moscow. The successful landing of the satellite completed ten years’ training period of preparing a human space flight.

Two weeks later Yuri Gagarin made his historic flight. The monument to Zvyozdochka was installed on the former takeoff runway of the previous Izhevsk airport, where Zvyozdochka was found. The monument depicts an open capsule and a dog that looks out of its hatch. The cosmonaut dog’s story is engraved on the metal sculpture, and the names of declassified professionals who helped to open the way to space were inscribed there for the first time (the so-called “Zvyozdochka’s List” out of 50 names). The text is duplicated in Braille (for blind people).


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