Sculptural composition "Saint Ortodox Peter and Febronia of Murom"

Peter and Febronia

The sculpture "Holly blessed Peter and Febronia of Murom" was founded in Izhevsk on June 12, 2012.

Sculptural compositions with figures of these saints have been established in Russian cities since 2009 as part of the National program "In the bosom of the family". The program was created in 2004 with the blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexiy II. Izhevsk was one of the 10 cities which joined a marathon of this social project.

According to the president of the program Alexander Kovtunes, "the purpose of the project is to create a positive image of family values, a committed and chaste relationship, love and devotion in marriage, to educate children in the spirit of love of country".

Construction and opening of monuments are timed to coincide with the celebrations of Peter and Febronia’s Day, on July 8. The first monument to Peter and Febronia called "Love union is a wise marriage" was founded on July 8, 2008 in their homecity, Murom opposite to the local registry office.

In total there are seven sculptural compositions “Holly blessed Peter and Febronia of Murom”. These compositions represent scenes from the Lives of Saints, recreated by the sculptor Konstantin Chernyavsky. For example, in Omsk Peter and Febronia keep doves in their hands, in Arkhangelsk there is a scene of lovebirds’ return in Murom after expulsion. And in Izhevsk the sculpture is called "Peter and Febronia at a boat".

The sculpture was symbolically placed in Izhevsk in the square of Saint Michael's Cathedral. It is supposed that a monument will be popular among wedding processions and married couples.


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