"Pelmen’" city sculpture


An unusual sculpture of a pelmen’ (meat dumpling) speared with a fork appeared in Izhevsk on Krayeva Street on October 28, 2004 in the follow-up of the “Modern urban sculpture” festival held by the “Archaeopteryx” group together with the “Creative dacha” gallery of Volga Federal District as a part of “Volga Capital of Culture-2004”. The author of such an extraordinary sculpture is Alexei Shklyaev. His “Pelmen’” has turned out to be very impressive, one meter in diameter. The height of the sculpture along with a huge fork makes up three meters. The “Izhevsk Pelmen’” is part of the young artist’s “Monument to pelmen’” project, the essence of which the author himself stated very simply: “Branding is one of cultural technologies while working with the regions. The city of Myshkin (“a mouse’s city”) is a place where the entire tourism industry is tied to the image of a mouse. Udmurtia is offered the brand “Udmurtia is the birthplace of pelmeni”... The urban space is filled with images of dumplings: sculptures, monuments, and pouffes in clubs and apartments, touristic merchandise - T-shirts, badges and the like”. It was assumed that urban space would be filled with sculptures of two types: in the form of a pelmen’ speared with a fork and in the form of a pelmen’ lying on the ground, but these plans were implemented only partly. With the approval of the City Administration, the first (and so far the last) monument to Pelmen’ is located in the neighborhood close to the restaurant ‘Pozim” that is popular in Izhevsk.


35a Krayev Street

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