Park for recreation and leisure named after S.M. Kirov

Kirov park

Park for recreation and leisure named after S.M. Kirov is a historical and a garden art monument in Izhevsk. Laid according to the regular plan, it was founded upon the project of the architects A.S.Korobov and E.P.Benevolensky.

The construction of the park began in September, 1933. The development of a coniferous forest near the Izhevsk pond started after long-term and careful geodetic measurements. Workers cut through narrow, wide, bow-shaped glades, pulled stumps, made the ground even, stripped the topsoil. Step by step glades turned into park alleys.

In the spring of 1934 the construction of summer houses, benches, trade pavilions, dance floors started in the future park. Popular melodies were coming from band shells. Beautiful flowerbeds and lawns, bushes and trees were planted out by gardeners. An open-air theater was built on a big meadow near the pond; it had been one of the biggest stages in Izhevsk for a long time.

A solemn opening of the park took place on August 6, 1934. In December, 1934 the park was named after the honorary S.M. Kirov.


8 Kirov Street

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