Monument “With Russia Forever”

With Russia Forever

The idea of setting up a monument dedicated to the friendship of the Udmurt and the Russian peoples appeared in anticipation of the 400th anniversary of voluntary entering of the Udmurt Republic into the Russian State. The foundation stone was laid in 1958 at the crossroads of Pushkin and Likhvintsev streets, but in connection with the following formation of the grand ensemble of the esplanade, the monument was erected further to the west. The opening of the monument took place only on June 26, 1972 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the USSR.

The monument consists of two parallel 53 meter high stelae made of stainless steel and embodying two fraternal peoples, the Russians and the Udmurts. The two stelae of the monument are connected with an open-work sculptured relief. The lower relief is dedicated to the idea of an inspiring, creative work, the middle relief is dedicated to peace, and the higher one, topping up the composition, reveals the idea of unity, friendship and equality of peoples. Two female figures in Russian and Udmurt ethnic costumes personify Russia and Udmurtia; they raise high the flag that flutters in the wind. On the other side of the monument, in the gap between the stelae, the vertical heraldic relief is placed with some of the symbols of the Republic that embodies the union of the working class and the peasantry, socialistic industry and the ethnic culture. All sculptural elements are made of red and gilded copper.

On the sides of the pylons there is a quote written in the Udmurt and Russian languages, which says: “Glory to the great fraternal friendship of the Russian and the Udmurt peoples.”

In 2008 on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of entering of the Udmurt Republic into the Russian State the monument was renovated.

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