Monument "Glory to science"

Glory to science

A monument "Glory to science" has been standing for almost half a century near the second building of the Izhevsk State Technical University in the center of the campus. During this time the monument got its second name "Eternal student", gained the affection of Izhevsk residents and became a city monument without which many generations of "technicians" simply cannot imagine their university.

The second building of the Mechanical Institute had been built for a very long time, eight years, and it was finished only in 1962. The project of the building was made by the architect B.E.Chichkin. According to the project and the budget, the sculpture was supposed to be placed in front of the building; it was presented as the original work of art created by B.K.Volkov, a well-known sculptor in the Republic. Then the "Eternal student" stood full height in front of the building, holding an atom model.

The sculpture of the student is ten years younger than the university. According to the legend, the student A. Gubin (at that time he was a chairman of a trade-union committee) who was notable for his athletic build became a prototype for the sculpture; he also enjoyed infinite prestige among first-year students. It was his figure that served to the sculptor as an embodiment of a courageous, almost antique statue of the Eternal student.

The portrait of another person, V. Kosenko was used for creating a face of the monument. In 1960 V. Kosenko was elected by students to the institute committee of Komsomol.


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