Memorial to Heroes of Revolution and Civil War (the Necropolis)

The Necropolis

A slim tetrahedral obelisk is situated on the highest point of the city on the Red Square (former Michailovskaya Square). It is crowned with the bronze monogram of the letters “RSFSR” (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) that is entwined with laurel and oak leaves which symbolize strength and immortal glory. This monument memorialized Red Army soldiers who died during the liberation of Izhevsk from White Guards during the Civil War. The draft of the Memorial of the fighters for the Soviet government, killed in 1918, was reviewed and approved by the Council of Izhevsk Deputies in June 1920.

In 1922, upon the project of the architect G.F. Senatov, next to the St. Michael’s Cathedrale a Revolutionary Necropolis was erected in commemoration of Red Army men who fell fighting for the cause of workers.

The final resting place was found here by revolutionaries Alekseev, Astafiev, Bazhanov, Gladkih, Zhelyazko, Kozhevnikov, Kozulin, Maksyutin, Chernyh, A.Babushkin, A. Ulyanov, V. Mikhailov, a military commissar P. Likhvintsev, a head of the military department of the Izhevsk Council Zhechev, a commandant of Izhevsk Labor Commune Terentyev, a secretary of the city committee of the RCP (Russian Communist Party) E. Komarova, and others. In 1967 the tomb of Izhevsk revolutionary hero I.D.Pastukhov was moved here.

After the St. Michael's Cathedral had been demolished in 1937, a linden square was located near the monument that became a resting place in Soviet times in Izhevsk.

Originally the memorial had a completely different look. In February 2007 the works began on reconstruction of the St. Michael's Cathedral and the memorial. The historical appearance of the Necropolis conceived by the architect has been changed, so the monument lost its iron fence and two flanks, the staircase was reduced and shifted to the north (towards Borodina street), a wrought iron fence around the monument was demounted.

Now the Necropolis is a unique architectural monument for the city and it is one of the historical and cultural monuments protected by the state.


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