Izhevsk Cathedral Mosque

Izhevsk Cathedral Mosque

The Cathedral Mosque on Azina street is the second official mosque built in Izhevsk.

The building of the first mosque in Izhevsk was erected on October 28, 1846 between Staraya street and Chetvertaya Zarechnaya street. The project of the wooden building of the mosque on a stone foundation was approved by Nicolay I, and the money for the construction was allocated by the Artillery Department. Ivan Petrov from Sarapul won the competition for the construction of the mosque from a Kazan merchant Anisim Mesetnikov.

In 1909 the question about the construction of the new mosque building was raised. A general meeting of Izhevsk Tatars chose H. Shaymurzin to be in charge of the project. In 1916 a new mosque was built on Pyataya street. Soon a so-called Tartar settlement grew around the mosque; houses there stood out from those of other residents of Izhevsk as they were painted in cheerful blue-yellow-green colors and there were orchards set out near them.

Within the frames of the creation of a large-scale production in Izhevsk in 1932, it was decided to demolish the mosque building. Within one month the muslims of Izhevsk dismantled the building and moved it to another location to the Tatar cemetery located 4 kilometers away, on the outskirts of the city (it is now Azina street). However, the authorities did not allow building a minaret. For over 50 years, up to 1991, the mosque had been functioning without a minaret. In 1996 due to the increased number of faithful, the new Cathedral Mosque was built near the old one.

In 2004 the building of the old wooden mosque was faced with brick. At present, the old mosque hosts everyday services and lessons of the basics of Islam. The mosque complex also includes an office of Mufti, a bookstore, a canteen, maintenance buildings and a building for ablutions.


236 Azina Street

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