Ensemble of Merchant Houses on Gorkogo street

Merchant houses

Gorkogo street is one of the busiest streets in Izhevsk. Before the revolution, it was known as Bazarnaya Street, as it neighboured the market square and the whole commercial life of Izhevsk was concentrated there.

The two-storey stone house № 70 on Gorky Street belonged to the manufacturer and gunsmith V.I. Petrov. A grocery store of the merchant S.Ya. Chigvintsev, who was a relative of Petrov, was located on the 1st floor. On August 3, 1922 in the former merchant Chigvintsev’s shop on Kommunalnaya Street (70 Gorkogo Street) a bookstore named “Knowledge” was opened. It was created by a partnership organized in Izhevsk “to spread the printed word to the public and provide an opportunity for the purchase of books at an affordable price”. The first lot of books received by the store counted 8 000 copies. That was the beginning of the book trade in Izhevsk. The upper floor of the same building housed a City Central Library that was organized in 1920 on the basis of a reading room of Nagornaya volost, which later evolved to the regional one. Its book collection formed the basis of the current fund of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.

The building on 72 Gorkogo street was built by the order of manufacturer Petrov and was used for storage of finished products for his arms factory located nearby. After the Revolution in 1917 the building housed the headquarters and the arsenal of the Komsomol battalion of a special purpose. Later there was a teachers' training school over there, which was then transformed into the Teachers College and further into the Pedagogical Institute in 1931.

Houses 74, 78 and 80 on Gorkogo street are typical examples of provincial architecture of the last third of the nineteenth century and are part of the complex of Merchants' shops of Izhevsk.
The shop on 76 Gorkogo street was bought by the merchant N.P. Tikhonov in 1911. Later on there was a home of the pediatrician S.N.Tihonov and his wife dentist A.Ya. Tikhonova in the building, who was the daughter of the merchant Samarin, an owner of a hats shop. The couple lived on the 2nd floor. The first floor was rented by the Ilmatov brothers to be used for a department store. In 1917 the house was confiscated. In 1920 the basement under the house was used by a gardening commune “Zarya” to storage potato seed.

The building on 84 Gorkogo street as well as houses № 86 and 88 were once owned by the merchant Oglobin. The first building was used as a storage room, and the other two ones housed a shop and a commercial building.
Currently these buildings host commercial enterprises and organizations, a children's art school, etc.


Gorkogo Street, 47, 49, 72, 76, 78, 80, 84

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