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Puppet theatre

The modern building of the State Puppet Theatre was built in 1980, but the history of the puppet theater in Izhevsk had begun much earlier, in 1935. It was organized by S. Lomovskaya and M. Tochilina (Strelkova) who completed special courses of puppeteers in the Central Puppet Theatre led by S. Obraztsov. The first actors were members of an amateur theatre group. The play “An insolent thief grew to a man” by E. Speransky, directed by S.Lomovskaya and M.Tochilina, was the first performance which attracted the audience on April 24, 1935.

During the World War II the puppet theater was the only theater in the city which did not break off their work.

The theatre is an award winner of the Komsomol Prize of Udmurtia and the State Prize of the Udmurt Republic; it was awarded with the Diplomas of the Ministry of Culture of Russia for the educational work of the younger generation. It was awarded by Ministries of Culture of the Republic of Hungary and Czechoslovakia. The Puppet Theater is a regular participant of various international children's theater festivals. The repertoire of the theater is not only children-oriented; there are very popular productions for adults, such as comedies based on “Balakirev the Buffoon” by G. Gorin, “The poet or a conversation with one’s own devil” by F.Smolyaninov, “The Diary of a Madman”.

The work of the Puppet Theater has an important place in the aesthetic education of the younger generation. But at the same the theater does not forget about adult viewers. At present in the repertoire there are 24 productions for small children, 4 plays oriented towards older children and adults, plays by Russian and foreign classicists.

Since the theater has a bilingual troupe, they repeatedly perform plays based on the works of Udmurt authors.

In December 2009 the opening of the renovated building of the State Puppet Theater of the Udmurt Republic took place. After the construction work, design of the building has been mostly changed. Now it is supplemented with a tower, which dome is decorated with a peacock weathervane. The auditorium is equipped with new seats, adjusted for small in stature young viewers. Behind the main part of the hall there is a spacious loge. Manufacturing departments of the theatre received new equipment. A viewers’ lobby and a buffet have got a new design. There were some significant changes in the building layout such as the appearance of a specialized entrance for spectators with disabilities and the allocation of a special room for them inside the building.


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